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About HK Design & Remodeling

HK Design and Remodeling began humble and small. As a company, we believe that we can only become truly accomplished doing what we are most passionate about and we refuse to allow money to motivate our achievements and success. Instead, we elect to pursue fulfilling the work that we love doing. Then performing our work so well, that we consistently stand out. After much dedication to client service and the overall craftsmanship of each project, our small company has continued to grow still holding true to our primary mission:

"Our success can and will only ever be measured by the overall satisfaction of our clients, the caliber of our services, and the genuine integrity that we maintain, to produce the utmost excellence of craftsmanship."


Our Process

At HK, we begin with a simple phone call to discuss what it is you're looking for regarding your project. We are open, honest, and upfront about what our current availability is, and when we think we'll approximately be able to begin your project. If time is not of the essence, from here we'll schedule a walk to see the space with you, and hear further what your goals are. After the walk, we will email you our bid within 3 business days. You can also elect to make modifications to your project directly through our software. This streamlines everyone getting to be on the same page.


Pre-Remodeling Design


Design & Construction Estimate

On-Site Consultations


The Finishing



Our Quality Guarantee

We pride ourselves in our client-service and project workmanship. We strive to perform the majority of remodeling projects without the use of sub-contractors, and instead, using our own tradesmen. There are several specialty trades that we choose to utilize a sub-contractor for to ensure that we comply with the criteria set by Code Enforcement. Some of those specialty trades include: electrical, plumbing, foundation and other structural work. We're proud to handle most remaining trades directly to secure quality, efficiency, and overall project perfection.

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