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HK currently works with many residential home investors to expedite the process of acquiring, renovating and remodeling, landscaping, and staging a home back on the market for a high percentage margin.


Our team understands the entire process, what is important to the investor and Realtor and makes the entire process from purchase to sale as smooth as possible.  We understand and respect the budget and completes the work as efficiently as possible to minimize the risks.

"We work with our investors to ensure a longterm relationship and consider the overall big-picture for everyone's success."

HK Investor Relations Strategy

With years of business, investing and constructions experience, we realize the importance of relationships and building a foundation of trust, financial compromises, efficiency, and transparency to work together and ensure future investment possibilities and continual growth as a team versus viewing each investment property as as single project rather than a smaller piece of a larger machine that secures reward, quarter-after-quarter, and dismissing the short-term gains over the continual, longterm, progression of gains that a solid, mutual, relationship earns in time.  


HK strives to achieve these relationships and values the efforts and risks taken by our partners and the trust they instill in our team and our company.  We don't take that lightly and ensure our partners are updated on progress, potential future delays and variables that could fluctuate cost, scheduling and finishes.  We work hard to present any unforeseen problems with potential solutions and options that fit the budget and schedules outlines in the first stages of the projects. 


We'll make sure to forecast the entire project, to the best of our ability, and relay as much information in a clear and detailed manner to present all roadmaps to our partners to create the clearest and most precise way possible.

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